- - Sunday, February 15, 2015

There is no major shock in learning that for 12 years NBC news anchor Brian Williams retold and held onto a lie that benefited his ego (“Brian Williams‘ unlikely future in news,” Web, Feb. 11).

While Mr. Williams is probably a good guy, great friend and fine family man, he also apparently lacks the moral foundation that would restrain him from lying when he sees a benefit from doing so. Yet he is the type of person a major network and part of our mainstream media find suitable for the highest position on their totem pole: nightly news anchor.

It is no secret that the Democratic Party, neo-liberalism and progressivism is the political home for the people who want the word God off coins, out of pledges and driven from every public venue. These are the people who must label others the “religious right” or “zealots” should these individuals voice any Christian convictions. They so detest the moral command “Thou shalt not bear false witness” (because it’s found in the Bible) that they have seen to its removal from our schools. Brian Williams is an example of the result of this mindset, of how good people become distorters of truth, and how a biased media and political party have lost their moral compass found in a reverence for God.



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