- - Monday, February 16, 2015

Over drinks recently one of my old college friends told me he was fiscally conservative but socially liberal. That’s probably because he didn’t want to risk seeming biased for being against same-sex marriage or abortion.

The liberals and self-important, pretend-enlightened Americans think that it is wrong to dislike behavioral abnormalities, to fail to revolt against traditional norms of behavior or to not spring-dive into the current trend of atheism. Thus my socially liberal friend is also for fully embracing abortion and is in favor of a woman’s right to choose the murder of her embryo. As a social liberal he thinks he is bright. On the other hand, social conservatism would make him feel pigheaded and perhaps not-so-bright, like Rick Santorum, he probably imagines.

Social liberalism allows him to promote infanticide a la “pro-choicers,” not name our enemies (including Islamic terrorists) and lie consistently (as Obamacare subscribers do). Remember President Obama’s unforgivable lie that we can keep our doctors and our health plans if we like them? Obama believes himself to be above the truth. To him the truth is corny and institutional. Instead he’s cool like the Muslims who are permitted to lie in defense of their religion. That is of course his theocratic bureaucracy.

In order to feel that he was a little bit intelligent, my friend said he was fiscally conservative. I guess this way he could separate himself from the fact that Mr. Obama has put us $18 trillion in debt. In fact he has managed to increase our debt by more than all the presidents who preceded him, combined.

My friend, who takes credit for fiscal conservatism and social liberalism, apparently does not realize that social liberalism is more dangerous to the tradition and fabric of society than fiscal liberalism. It is time my friend found the courage to stand up in the moral arena rather than pretend that he’s an economist.


New York

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