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In “As anti-Semitism makes a comeback, Obama remains ignorant” (Web, Feb. 16) Wesley Pruden writes “The Islamic State, or ISIS, with its dreams of a worldwide caliphate ruled by Islam from the Dark Ages, videotapes the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, puts their severed heads on display … ” These terrorists are obviously very proud of this accomplishment, having absolutely no respect for any type of human life that won’t bow down to Allah. Even the Nazis must have had some knowledge of what is right or wrong, since they tried to hide their most evil deeds.

President Obama’s relentless attempts to avoid blaming radical Muslims for terrorism is causing the majority of true Americans to wonder why the man elected to the office of the presidency seems to be lacking in the realm of respect and protection for all religious faiths — not just Islam. This president never seems to comment about his own faith. If asked about it, I’m sure he would find a way to avoid answering.

A good percentage of Americans were born into a nation that had been founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Little did we know when Mr. Obama came on the scene as a presidential hopeful that he truly did want to transform the country of our birth in the worst possible ways. I recently received an email from a Christian who believes as I do that “we Christians must bond together, voice our concerns, vote and take back American with God’s help.” In 2009 Mr. Obama canceled the 21st National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House because he didn’t wish “to offend anyone.” But later the same year a National Day of Prayer was held on Capitol Hill for Muslims. I am sure that this president gave no thought to whether Christians were offended by this event.

Now Mr. Obama is encouraging schools to teach the Koran for extra credit in schools, while we cannot even talk about the Bible or God in schools. In fact in some the children aren’t even allowed to say “one nation, under God” when saluting the American flag.

The direction this country is headed should strike fear in the hearts and souls of every Christian — especially because Islam holds that if Christians or those of any other religions cannot be converted, they should be killed.

Fellow Christians, please join with me in the one thing we can all do: Pray that America can successfully return to being a Judeo-Christian nation as was initially intended.


Centreville, Va.

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