- - Thursday, February 26, 2015


Former Rep. Tom Coburn is correct in his op-ed, “A means to smite the federal Leviathan” (Web, Feb. 24), when he writes that the government has become a loose cannon and its powers need to be limited. However, Mr. Coburn’s remedy will be worse than the disease he’s trying to cure.

A careful reading of the Fifth Amendment shows that the Convention of States is not controlled by the states themselves but by the federal government, and there are no limits on how much of the Constitution can be changed. Once such a convention is called, each of the many players will open Pandora’s box by pushing their own interests, which will result in a hodgepodge that will no longer contain the citizen protections we now have.

A better solution would be to push our representatives to observe the constitutional limitations, monitor them closely and vote them out of office when they don’t observe these limitations.





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