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Can Bobbi Kristina Brown handle it?

That’s what I asked myself after watching the Lifetime TV marathon of Whitney Houston before Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston during Bobby and Whitney Houston after Bobby.

It was sad.

I was sad.

I cannot imagine Bobbi Kristina not being sad, too.

I cannot even imagine this young woman, who dad’s birthday was Wednesday, being emotionally strong enough to handle Being Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Her mom was the darling of two entertainment industries, music and film. Her dad was a bad boy moneymaker for music and videos.

Together, they not only created Bobbi Kristina but stirred up the kind of press and public interest that never let go.

Bobbi Kristina wanted to play her mom in the Lifetime movie “Whitney.” The biopic was produced by Angela Bassett, who co-starred with Houston in the 1995 chic flick “Waiting to Exhale.”

Bobbi Kristina faced rejection.

Together, Bobby and Whitney starred in “Being Bobby Brown,” a short-lived VH1 reality show that trailed Bobby and Whitney, Bobbi Kristina and her various Brown-related siblings. It was centered in Atlanta. Bobbi Kristina was an adolescent at the time. Her family’s show was rejected for a second season.

Bobby and Whitney did drugs. Bobby and Whitney drank booze. Bobby and Whitney — two singers with recognizable voices — smoked cigarettes. And in his own solo interview in the Lifetime marathon, “Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney,” he admitted smoking too much.

Bobbi Kristina and her point of view were not represented in the hourlong special, which aired after the “Whitney” biopic.

There was another Lifetime segment that silenced Bobbi Kristina — “Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances,” as tended too by music mogul Clive Davis, a mentor and collaborator of Whitney.

Mr. Davis took us along a Whitney journey that began with one of her first notable appearances at age 19 up to just months before her death. No remembrance from Bobbi Kristina.

It’s been recalled a million times over since Saturday that Bobbi Kristina relived her mom’s bathroom final scene, being found face-down in a bathroom tub filled with water. Bobbi Kristina was silenced again.

She was reportedly found inside her Atlanta townhouse by her husband, Nick Gordon. She said in January 2014 that they were married.

But Bobby Brown has said his daughter and Mr. Gordon were not married.

Mr. Gordon has not refuted him, not publicly anyway.

Whitney’s “family” is distraught about the sequence of events, their spokespeople say. Bobby is in pain and distraught, and he comments only through his spokespeople.

The hospital says what it has to say — no more, no less. Police say what they have to say — no more, no less.

Bobbi Kristina has said nothing since Saturday.

Her eye lids have fluttered, but that’s not an optimistic sign when you’re in a medically induced coma and breathing with the aid of a machine.

Bobbi Kristina may have been one of the happiest of little girls when she was growing up.

We will never know unless someone tells her side of the story.

Deborah Simmons can be reached at dsimmons@washingtontimes.com.

• Deborah Simmons can be reached at dsimmons@washingtontimes.com.

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