- - Sunday, February 8, 2015

I read with interest “Mr. Trump buzzes the presidential radar” (Web, Feb. 4) in which Donald Trump came in fifth in a recent Drudge Report presidential poll. What’s surprising to me is how, in this post-Romney era, Mr. Trump did not totally dominate the poll with at least 90 percent of the vote.

Thanks to the status-quo politicians of the last quarter-century, our country is now a staggering under $18 trillion in debt. Who better to lead us out of this perilous situation than the man who engineered the greatest comeback in American business history?

Pundits have been saying that Jeb Bush is going to overwhelm the GOP field by raising $100 million by the summer. Give me a break — Mr. Trump generates that kind of cash on a bad day at the office.

And when it comes to name recognition, is there really anyone who can “trump” Hillary Clinton in the general election more than the biggest TV star of the decade who happens to be the most famous businessman in the world?

To all my Republican brethren: It’s high time we all snap out of this Obama-induced funk and realize that Donald Trump is by far the most logical choice to carry the GOP banner and lead the charge in taking back the White House.


Medord, N.Y.

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