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Those of us who closely follow politics and who are old enough shall always remember the late Texas Gov. Ann Richards’ nasty 1988 Democratic Convention taunt of George H.W. Bush: “Poor George can’t help himself. … He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.” Silver or otherwise, it is obvious that the same affliction has seized presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

As he stumbled onto the stage of the primary election, Mr. Bush first told us that even with what we know now, he would have inflicted the invasion of Iraq on our people if he had been president at the time of his brother’s calamitous efforts to reshape Iraq into a democracy. After stumbling as he tried to explain himself, he ultimately made a complete reversal.

The latest stunner is noted as he tells us that the American people, through their laziness, are responsible for the lackluster economy, that we must work more hours in order to rejuvenate it. As he sees the ramifications of his insulting comment, Mr. Bush is seeking to explain himself.

It is early in the campaign season, but it appears that along with Donald Trump, Mr. Bush’s gaffes could convey the message that the Republicans are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight and is unworthy of an opportunity to lead the country again.

Hillary Clinton is surely licking her chops. Although she made the mistake of voting to authorize the Iraq invasion when she was a senator, she quickly and without equivocation has acknowledged that it was a mistake. Along with Mr. Bush’s missteps, she will have Mr. Trump’s stunning and offensive remarks about Mexico and immigrants upon which to draw. Mrs. Clinton, the ordained candidate for the Democrats, will have countless soundbites to use against her opponent, whoever he or she may be.


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