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In The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow wished he had a brain. In the parallel fantasy land of contemporary international “diplomacy”, a strawman argument of brainless rhetoric is being asserted to advance an inane Iran deal unworthy of acceptance upon its merits. Thus, in the face of the Iran deal’s proponents’ “scare offensive”, let us peel back the curtain and examine the President and others’ strawman argument of “this deal or war”.

First, the villain of this diplomatic piece is the tyrannical Iranian regime not the agreement’s opponents, notably America’s Middle Eastern allies. The terrorism exporting rulers of Iran seek nuclear weapons; have lied about it; and remained obstinate in it ultimately achieving this aim, as well as others such as the genocidal wiping of Israel off the world map. “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” are not slogans; these screeds are an intrinsic, indispensable foundation of the Iranian regime’s reason for being. While as part of an expedient “diplomatic charm offensive” these deathly aims can be muted by the mullahs or dismissed by the Western diplomats, they can never be abandoned by Iran’s masters, for to reach an accommodation with “the Great Satan” would be to undermine their purported “legitimacy” in this diabolical theocracy’s own eyes.

Second, the assertion the choice is between this deal and war is patently false. If existing sanctions – let alone their expansion and increased enforcement – are futile, the Iranian regime would be building nuclear weapons not bartering in negotiations. This canard that war is the only option is particularly rich coming from the administration that was deaf to Iran’s Green Revolution, wherein that nation’s oppressed people peacefully sought to escape the barbarous mullahs’ yoke and were butchered by it. Thus, to have heard an option to war, Mr. President, all you had to do was listen to Neda and those Iranians weeping at her martyrdom to freedom.

Third, if the President truly believes the choice is between “this deal or war”, is the Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. armed forces implicitly stating that in the wake of this deal’s rejection he will use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon?

No, this President and his P5+1 partners’ policy toward the Iranian regime’s acquiring of nuclear weapons is not one of “never” but “when”. While not cogently or consistently enunciated, the grander strategy can but be pieced together from this deal and the desultory missteps and false assumptions that have resulted in the grotesque acquiescence to a terrorist state acquiring nuclear weapons and, thereby, erecting an impregnable umbrella from under which it will intensify its extant asymmetrical warfare against its neighbors, our allies and ourselves.

This administration and its P5+1 partners, in deed if not word, ascribe to the Left’s “security strategy” of creating a “multi-polar” world of nations on a par and capable of curbing the influence with the United States, which is (of course) viewed as the unipolar font of global instability, oppression, exploitation, and sundry other sins against international “progressivism”. In the Middle East, despite the dictates of national security, international stability and sanity, the terrorist regime is hoped to serve as the most influential nation and stabilizing force. (Oh, and with sanctions terminated, a lot of these nations stand to make a killing through arms sales, etc, by bartering with the oil rich Iranian butchers.)

From this root conceit is spawned the Iran deal: the Green Revolution, the murderous regime’s avowed aims, our allies pleas’, concrete alternatives – all are sacrificed upon the altar of an agreement that is less an historic accord for peace than the P5+1’s suicide pact and a death sentence for Iranian freedom seekers and our ally Israel.

Thus comes the final, unkindest cut. In The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow got a scrap of paper that only confirmed his innate intelligence. In the parallel fantasy land of contemporary international “diplomacy”, the President’s straw man argument demands a scrap of paper that will ultimately confirm its innate inanity.

And while the Scarecrow’s diploma was free; this straw man’s Iran deal won’t be.

Retired United States Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter served on the International Relations Committee and two terms as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee.

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