- - Sunday, July 19, 2015


I’ve been an independent voter all of my 49 voting years. I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans, but have allegiance to neither. President Obama has not impressed me much, but until today, I was never fearful of him. The Iran nuclear agreement has changed that.

I now fear that our president has placed the United States in harm’s way — maybe not tomorrow, but in the not-too-distant future. His job is to provide for the safety of all Americans, but this week he gave away much that will likely be used against us.

On immigration and foreign policy, he has consistently put America in the number-two spot instead of at number one, where it should always be. I have two children and five grandchildren, and I truly fear for their future.

The agenda our president is following has been destructive both economically and globally. I can now only ask the Democrats to look at the state of our nation. There comes a time when a wrong must be set right. A few decade ago the Republicans knew when to walk away from one of their own (Nixon). I await that realization from today’s Democrats.


Gilbert, Ariz.



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