- - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Political correctness has become a threat to national defense.

The Pentagon’s leaders, hand-picked by President Obama, are reversing the long-time rule that transgenders have mental issues and cannot serve.

The official explanation is so faulty that it’s stupid, namely that ending this debate will free commanders from distractions. But there was no active debate until Obama’s team started it. This actually launches endless new distractions. The former policy avoided those disturbances.

Start with uniforms: If a man thinks he’s Caitlyn Jenner, does he dress like G.I. Joe or G.I. Jane?

Fitness tests are gender-normed so women need not run as far or as fast, or do as many pushups. But what are the fitness numbers for a male body that calls itself Sheila?

What becomes of common showers and bunking arrangements?

Now hear this: They plan for military medicine to cover hormone treatment and sex-reassignment surgery. That guarantees a lot of wannabe-whatevers will want to enlist to get an extreme makeover at taxpayer expense.

This is not avoiding distractions. This is creating a ton of new distractions that will weaken our armed forces.

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO: “Obama creates a mess for the military”

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