- - Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dinesh D’Souza and I have a profound appreciation for justice and freedom of speech, I as a U.S. citizen born to these rights, and Mr. D’Souza as an immigrant from a country not founded on them.

At least one generation in America is now unfamiliar with the human rights abuses that took place in other countries before its time, and this generation is thus unaware that free speech is a cornerstone of American democracy, still the envy of the world.

Mr. D’Souza not only knows the value of this nation’s founding principles but is able to communicate this on a grand scale with his books, documentaries and movies. For this he is being subjected to intense psychiatric evaluation (“The deprogramming of Dinesh D’Souza,” Web, July 19).

In the former Soviet Union of Marx, Lenin and Stalin, party-line dissenters (i.e., those who eschewed political correctness) were killed, imprisoned or, if they were too well-known, consigned to mental institutions where they were sedated into silence.

Mr. D’Souza’s “crime” is far below the radar screen of the massive campaign-finance abuse that fills the news daily but remains mysteriously unchallenged.

This selective persecution of a timely and genuine American patriot raises a flaming red flag which is perilous to ignore. Mr. D’Souza and I fear for the future of our nation.



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