- - Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Sen. Orrin Hatch is upset about colleagues’ manners concerning “name calling” (“When tough talk roils the decorum of the Senate,” Web, July 28). Mr. Hatch has been a senator for 38 years. Let’s see what we, the ‘working stiffs’ of the United States, have inherited these many years. The controllers of the national purse strings have saddled our children with more than $17 trillion in debt. I could go further with examples of loss of liberty and burdensome legislation, but the aforementioned 17 billion reasons should be sufficient.

Mr. Hatch cites a “high and holy calling” to serve by “shaping our nation’s laws.” The average American citizen is too busy making ends meet to give a hoot about Mr. Hatch’s professional ‘purpose.’ Name-calling is long overdue for his distinguished and constructive body.


Ft. Worth



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