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Transgender appears to be the new target in the ever-progressing effort to redefine normal. The LGBT community has been seeking acceptance for decades. Gradually, incrementally, they have been successful. But as rapidly as a hurdle falls and society seems to be open to something different, the homosexual community lowers the bar and asks for more.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has been published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) since 1952. It is intended to create standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. Into the 1970s, the DSM recognized homosexuality as a mental disorder.

Beginning in 1970, gay activists disrupted the annual APA conference by interrupting speakers and shouting down and ridiculing psychiatrists who supported the view homosexuality was a mental disorder. By the mid-70s, the diagnosis was watered down and when a new edition of the DSM came out in 1980 being gay was no longer classified as mentally ill. It was the first big step in normalizing homosexual behavior.

Fast forward to 2015 and not only is it OK to be gay, but gay marriage is considered by many to be normal. Seemingly never satisfied though, the LGBT lobby successfully redefines “normal,” and each time there is a push to redefine it yet again.

During the last month, America saw 1976 Olympic Men’s decathlon gold medal winner Bruce Jenner appear on the cover of Vanity Fair wearing make up and a dress. We were bombarded with the message that it’s normal. Vanity Fair circulation spiked with the freak show edition and now other media outlets are hoping to cash in as well.

Entertainment Weekly is putting a transgender actor/actress on its cover in a Statue of Liberty costume. CBS has announced it is casting a man now living life as a woman in the upcoming summer season of “Big Brother” and that he/she will tell the full story behind his decision to become her. The magazine and TV show hope to shock readers and viewers into checking out their own freak show … all while claiming transgender is normal.

Particularly alarming is the case of one of the top female high school swimmers in the United States. The stunningly attractive girl of Asian descent was recruited by Harvard to swim for its team and was widely expected to dominate collegiate women’s swimming. Upon graduation from high school in 2014, however, she decided to take a year off from school to transition. To transition into college life? No. To transition into being a man.

The once cute young lady not only cut her hair, but she had her breasts cut off. She took injections of male hormones and now is an odd looking, heavily scarred human, claiming to be a man. Though committed to living life as a man, the young swimmer still considered trying to swim for the ladies. That idea has now been abandoned and she/he wants to compete with the men.

Again, we’re told it’s all normal. If we accept that cutting off body parts is normal, that injecting hormones of the opposite gender is normal, that ignoring the most obvious indicator of who we are from birth is normal, then the only question remaining is what can possibly be next in the never-ending effort to re-establish “normal.” There isn’t much left.

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