- The Washington Times - Sunday, June 28, 2015


Frame by frame, moment by moment: a new Hillary Clinton comic book has now landed on the crowded political marketplace. From Bluewater Productions comes “Female Force: Hillary Clinton: The Road to the White House,” which asks such probing questions as this: “Can she run on her record? Her likability? And how will lingering questions about Benghazi and her email inform her choice?”

The company has already subjected Mitt Romney, President Obama, Herman Cain and even the tea party to the graphic treatment, with some campaign intent, perhaps.

“Reluctant readers gravitate to comic books,” says publisher Darren G. Davis, who notes that his company has produced such fare since the 2008 presidential election. Mrs. Clinton appears in comic form on the cover of the $4 publication in a green pantsuit before an American flag.

“She’s a fascinating person,” says Mike Frizell, who authored the text. “At times, she can be divisive, which makes her fun to write about. Understanding the impact such a book might have, the research I needed to conduct was rigorous, as was the writing process. I needed to think like a storyteller and notate like a reporter.”

But Mrs. Clinton will soon have some company. There’s a whole series in the works, available as actual print comics, or through downloads. Fellow Democratic presidential Sen. Bernie Sanders gets his issue in August, with Sen. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush to follow. Gov. Chris Christie was featured earlier this year.

“These informative and entertaining books should teach readers about the candidates. Comic books have grown up,” Mr. Davis notes.



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