- - Monday, June 8, 2015


We have become accustomed to Congress members complaining that the actions taken against the Islamic State are halfhearted, or worse, ineffective. They are correct. Far too few attacks have been undertaken against the terrorist group, and even with these limited numbers too many planes return without having dropped their bombs because of the ultra-restrictive rules of engagement.

The remedy lies with Congress. According to the Constitution, which every member has sworn to uphold, Congress is the only body authorized to declare war. The time is overdue for us as a nation to stop dancing around the terrible threat that the Islamic State represents. War should be declared on this self-styled caliphate and its troops must be engaged as only we can engage them. We do not need to have front-line troops confronting them initially, because we have the airpower to severely weaken, if not obliterate, them when we use the tools at our disposal effectively.

It is time Congress asserted some authority and ensured that the Islamic State members achieve the martyrdom they seek.





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