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Ah, the Left.

They want us to believe that when it comes to celebrating Bruce Jenner’s tragic descent into the mouth of madness, gender is a no-longer-needed societal construct. That is, of course, right before they tell us to vote Hillary for president just because she’s a woman.

I’ll take “blatant contradictions we choose to willfully ignore” for $800, Alex.

Let’s face it, intellectual honesty isn’t the Left’s friend. But who needs integrity when your entire belief system is a tantrum based on nothing other than “because I want to?” Theirs is a worldview that is little more than childlike fantasy when you boil it all down. Come up against some sort of moral absolute or authority figure that won’t give you what you want (probably because it’s destructive and/or dangerous)? Pay it no mind. Simply emote vehemently until those calling the shots give in to make you stop.

And should the adults still try to maintain order in the face of such acting out, there’s always the “children of the corn” option. Translation: You will be made to care.

It sure is a convenient way to live, and I can see why so many people fall prey to it. The idea of believing you’re ultimately accountable to nothing except your own urges, while also being rewarded for partnering with others in similar bondage, feeds the unhealthy egos we’re all born with. Sure, some of these people may have impressive resumes and bios, but they’re really just practicing the intellectual equivalent of eating ice cream for every meal.

Otherwise they would realize the bearded lady they’re currently cheering on really represents the complete and total demise of the feminist movement. A 65-year-old man attempting to mutilate and transform himself into a big-busted, 40-years-younger caricature of actress Jessica Lange makes a statement alright, but it’s probably not the one Betty Friedan was going for.

The image currently on the cover of the never-more-appropriately titled Vanity Fair isn’t “The Feminine Mystique” but the vanity of vanities. Mr. Jenner’s extreme makeover has turned him into a faux female that doesn’t exist outside of augmentations, photo shop and the lustful imaginations of men. This isn’t real – it’s “Skin-a-Max.”

That’s why it’s probably no coincidence Mr. Jenner looks so much like a younger Ms. Lange, because they’re almost the exact same age. Mr. Jenner became a pop culture icon when he won the Olympic gold medal in the decathlon in 1976. It’s the same year Ms. Lange broke through as a sex symbol in the Fay Wray role of the big budget remake of “King Kong.” I’m sure it was a real tough call for Mr. Jenner to go with that look instead of someone more like Melissa McCarthy.

Further complicating this matter for feminists is the fact there is nothing remotely feminine about Mr. Jenner except his outer appearance. He’s still a father and grandfather who carries male chromosomes and that can never change. Not even Mr. Jenner in his prime is fast enough to outrun his gender. Aside from this sad spectacle, he’s always going to be most known for his masculine prowess.

I’m now old enough to remember when the feminists didn’t want us judging their gender by their appearance, or when they bristled at a woman’s worth only being defined by her lady parts. But the right side of history evolves fast these days, my friends. Best to put down those guns and bibles you’re bitterly clinging to so you can keep up.

After 65 years of exhausting his male privilege, Mr. Jenner now gets to rebrand as a pin-up girl – which allows him to relive his youth all over again at a misogynistic stereotype’s expense. How avant garde, or not at all. He’s now being feted and celebrated as a woman in ways 99 percent of real women never are, and that should make real women everywhere mad.

Mr. Jenner bares none of the scars of a real woman. No stretch marks from giving birth. No sexual harassment or sexual assault to deal with or overcome. No monthly visitors. He’s never even been paid less for doing the same job as a man.

Where’s Sandra Fluke when you need her?

The fact the feminist movement isn’t in a perpetual rage about everything I’ve just pointed out makes it abundantly clear there is no feminist movement, and there probably never was. Oh, sure, there are a few critical thinkers out there truly concerned about female empowerment and bringing down the patriarchy. But behind all the burning bras and flannel shirts lies the truth that this is really only about one thing: the unconditional and irrevocable undoing of the natural law.

Most feminist enclaves and their sympathizers are celebrating Mr. Jenner’s creepy impersonation of the very caricature they claimed for decades to oppose. Not that I want to judge, but that would seem to be an obvious hypocrisy until you realize this was never about “equality.” This was always about whether we will still acknowledge we’re made male or female in the image of the creator, with the clearly defined responsibilities roles, and rules that go along with his divinely-given ordinations.

In other words, will our culture still be accountable to that whole “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” thing.

This was really always about using the sexual revolution as a means to destabilize and then abandon those links to our past, in order to prepare us for the new moral order to come. Mr. Jenner isn’t a trailblazing pioneer. He’s a pawn in a cultural game of chess. And very soon it will be checkmate, America.

For the age of pretend tolerance is at an end. Behold, the age of forced compliance is now at hand – and they’re promising it’s gonna be fabulous.

(Steve Deace is a nationally syndicated talk show host and also the author of the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can “like” him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)

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