- - Thursday, March 12, 2015

The very last thing America needs is President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her entire tenure as secretary of state was a disaster that has left the world in ruins. And who can forget her years as first lady (millennials fortunately missed it), during which she declared herself “Queen Hillary” and ordered Secret Service to keep out of her sight as she walked the halls of the White House?

In reality, Mrs. Clinton is only a drama queen whose practices have harmed America. She obscures her secret dealings in lies, phony alibis and deceptive, lawyerly babble and expects the electorate to fall for it. The whole Clinton White House era was mired in dirty laundry, dishonesty and death. It was like watching a bad soap opera for eight years. Does anyone on the left really want to resurrect Mrs. Clinton’s pattern of duplicity, especially when the world is a tinderbox?

At a recent fundraiser, Mrs. Clinton had the audacity to ask her shallow minions, “Don’t you someday want to see a woman president?” She endeavors to gain self-respect from women by peddling “women’s equality” — so why does her organization accept millions of dollars from Middle Eastern countries that treat women as slaves and use underage girls as sex chattel? Why does she support abortion for any reason, when half of those murdered in the womb are female?

America does not need a self-absorbed, power-hungry, washed-up Hillary Rodham Clinton. But then again, please do run, Hillary. With all your baggage, your competitors stand to win big.


Berwyn Heights

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