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The contrasts between U.S. President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu were evident this week in the content of Mr. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and the pre- and post-speech attacks by Mr. Obama and his administration (“Obama strikes back, scolds Benjamin Netanyahu for offering ‘nothing new,’” Web, March 3). Mr. Netanyahu was admonished for accepting the invitation to speak, but he demonstrated leadership and a commitment to do everything in his power to protect his citizens against the threat by Iran to eradicate Israel.

Mr. Netanyahu vowed to keep Israel a haven for Jews. He meticulously laid out the facts: Iran has been a force of evil for 37 years, has been involved directly in the killing of innocents or has supported terror groups that have killed innocents, including U.S. military personnel and civilians. Iran continues these actions, and it is inconceivable that its nuclear-weapons potential should not be stopped immediately.

When the sanctions imposed on Iran affected the country’s economy, rather than having Iran suspend and deplete its program Mr. Obama made the offer of reduced sanctions and billions of dollars if Iran would agree to talks. Israel, the likely recipient of an Iranian nuclear-weapons attack, was not involved in the process. Like the meaningless “red line” in Syria, where Syrian President Bashar Assad remains in power and continues his killing, the specific decision time ‘lines’ in the Iran talks were ignored and negotiations extended. All the while Iran continues to work to produce nuclear weapons and is non-compliant with the IAEA inspections. No rational government leader would consider Mr. Obama, based on his record, capable of making the right decision or keeping his word. Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan are some examples of why this is so. Mr. Obama is allowing Iran to gain influence in Iraq and other countries.

Mr. Netanyahu demonstrated leadership and commitment, and Mr. Obama demonstrated his community-organizer skills to incite his followers, demean his opponents and heap praise on himself for the ‘great’ job he has done. Don’t tell that to the families of our military personnel killed or injured by his policies and rules of engagement.


Centerville, Mass.

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