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On the morning of April 25, CNN announced that a devastating earthquake had occurred in Nepal. At the time, there were only a 100 known deaths, but at a magnitude of 7.8 the impending doom was evident. What was even more astounding was that this story only received a couple of minutes’ coverage. The main story, which was exploited for the next 10 minutes, was the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer that had aired the previous night.

Nothing against Mr. Jenner, but at a time when we need positive role models, the story of an Olympic athlete who has decided God made a mistake in his gender assignment seems somewhat lacking. To be honest, all this talk about coming out, same-sex unions and gender-identity crises is getting old. We should leave private matters like these in the bedroom (or the closet) and focus on more pressing issues, such as the Islamic State, the budget deficit and racial unrest.

On April 9, The Washington Times reported that President Obama has instituted a gender-neutral restroom at the White House to appease the LGBT community. But it doesn’t stop there. According to Todd Starnes, the federal government may be threatening to withhold funding from high schools that refuse to comply with gender-neutral-facility mandates.

Can any rational person see anything good about putting young boys and girls together in the same restrooms and locker rooms? Mr. President, does this new precedent apply to the Sidwell Friends School, where your daughters are students? We are a nation of one from many, E Pluribus Unum, but the Obama administration’s adherence to the whims of a small sector of our society further illustrates the fractionalized leadership it seems intent on providing.


Anniston, Ala.

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