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One of President George W. Bush’s primary reasons for authorizing the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was to eliminate the threat of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Bush’s rush to war, known as Operation Iraqi Freedom, was criticized because no WMD ever were uncovered. Still, U.S. forces remained there (and then in Afghanistan) for years.

Today several Republican presidential candidates, announced or otherwise, are tripping over themselves as they run away from the former Republican commander in chief — so much so that if you close your eyes, you’d be hard-pressed not to confuse them with traditional Democrats who over the years have publicly criticized Mr. Bush for this foreign-relations blunder.

Regardless of which candidate ends up becoming the Republican standard bearer in 2016, voters want a candidate who will do two things: keep America safe and help the middle class thrive. In my opinion, there is no way a Republican can win the general election if he or she embraces the wartime logic of Bush and/or any of his foreign affairs advisers. If any of them does, he or she should be required to enlist and serve overseas before accepting the party’s nomination for president.


Laguna Beach, Calif.

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