- - Monday, May 18, 2015

The recent Army Delta Force operation in the Syrian border town of al-Amir that killed Abu Sayyaf, a leader in financial and military operations for the Islamic State, was a success (“U.S. commandos enter Syria, kill Islamic State commander in charge of oil fields,” Web, May 16). It has been praised by Democrats as an example of President Obama’s leadership and decision-making, but in fact it better defines the capabilities of our military leaders to get things done when not limited by Mr. Obama’s lengthy deliberations and bad advice.

With the Anbar Province city of Ramadi falling to the Islamic State and the failure of the Iraqi Army, many more civilian casualties can be expected. Mr. Obama’s military actions and decisions should be assessed as a complete failure that resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilians killed and thousands tortured, especially Christians.

The killings continue in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and various African countries. Mr. Obama allowing Iran nuclear-weapons capability remains a serious threat to Israel and the Gulf states. Congress must find a way restore our military to the world’s number-one power and improve military-personnel morale with military leaders who can define the missions and have the necessary support to protect our troops and ultimately our citizens and country.

A Republican president in 2017 to accomplish this would be a better choice than Hillary Clinton, who has berated military personnel and expressed her disdain for the military.


Centerville, Mass.

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