- - Monday, May 18, 2015


The ways in which President Obama and the current crop of presidential contenders handle the media can serve as a metaphor for how the two parties govern once in power. Republicans favor fewer regulations and freer markets. When it comes to handling the press, GOP candidates take questions from anyone, including Democratic partisans masquerading as objective journalists.

This is particularly evident during presidential debates, when supposedly objective journalists throw life-lines to Democratic candidates while tossing “gotcha” questions to the Republicans. In contrast, Democrats are the party of regulation and control. Mr. Obama rails against Fox News from afar while fielding questions only from a sympathetic media and late-night comics. Hillary Clinton refuses to take questions from anyone.

When Democrats are not wrapping the country in rules and regulations they are doing their best to control the media and threaten our First Amendment rights through the Federal Communications Commission. Such press avoidance, along with their heavily scripted campaign events, should cause voters to question what Democrats are selling. Unfortunately, in our game-show government where voters pull the lever to get cash and prizes, what Democrats are selling no longer matters to the millions now dependent on Washington. They’ll vote for a Democrat no matter how mendacious and corrupt the party has become or how shielded from honest inquiry their leaders make themselves.


Mt. Vernon, Va.



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