- - Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vermont independent, will contest for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination as an unabashed class warrior. He will rail against the wealthy, notwithstanding that the majority of Americans, including those who pay no income tax at all, are opposed to punishing financial success by taxing income at confiscatory rates. Mr. Sanders is the leader of our progressive friends who insist on venting their enmity against the acquisition of wealth as if it were somehow un-American. I’m waiting for them to take on the Clintons on that score.

The belief in confiscatory taxation and income redistribution is a numinous concept to the faithful, clung to with a tenacity you and I employ with our “guns and Bibles.” The philosopher-kings who apply this idea to the unwashed propagate one of liberalism’s favorite memes: namely, that those who qualify for high taxes are “fortunate.” This delusion is as fallacious as it is pernicious, for it devalues the idea that those who work hard and choose wisely deserve to keep a fair share of the fruits of their labor, and makes confiscatory taxation more palatable to those less “fortunate,” who after all will feel no pain as the government wraps its greedy tentacles around more and more income. When will the liberal mind understand that there is nothing fortunate about working hard and acquiring wealth?



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