- - Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bill Clinton was president when the United States conducted nuclear control talks with North Korea that proved to be a complete farce. North Korea signed an agreement stating it would not develop nuclear weapons and Mr. Clinton gave the country billions of dollars, plus other assorted goodies. That treaty resulted in North Korea developing a nuclear arsenal, and a few years ago North Korea actually admitted they used those billions Mr. Clinton gave them to help develop their nuclear weapons. On a positive note, their leader wasn’t yelling “Death to America” during those negotiations.

It is now 2015 and U.S. history is repeating itself as liberals again negotiate with another belligerent country. The Iran nuclear talks are being controlled by President Obama and from the very beginning it was obvious Iran was using stall tactics for some reason. Tehran was acquiring more goodies from the talks, but the real reason was exposed with the recent announcement that Iran is two or three months away from having nuclear weapons.

The results of Mr. Obama’s weak, liberal negotiations will be about the same. The only difference will be that North Korea didn’t want to be turned into a cinder box due to a retaliation strike. Some of Iran’s religious leaders would welcome such an outcome due to their fanatic efforts to help bring back the Mahdi (Islam redeemer) who according to Muslim prophesy will appear after one-third of the world’s population have died from the red death (violence).


Lambertville, N.J.

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