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A young shepherd boy arrived at a battlefield with food and supplies for his older brothers. Their army was in disarray. The king and his commanders had been issued a challenge: Send someone to fight a professionally trained giant warrior to decide the outcome of the battle or face war with an enemy they were unprepared to meet.

Stones and sling in hand, young David asked King Saul, “Is there not a cause?” And what a cause it was. The cause was the fate of the nation and the fate of thousands of men, who had been hiding behind rocks for 40 days. But the most important cause to David was “That all the earth shall know that there is a God in Israel; and that all this assembly shall know that the Lord saves not with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s!”

David’s cause had nothing to do with himself and everything to do with his desire to increase the faith of his nation. His cause was centered on others, not on his own safety, security, gain or glory.

What a contrast to America today. We are at war both literally and figuratively. We are facing real enemies on every front, but we are busying ourselves with fictitious causes that distract us from real threats: Occupy Wall Street, transgender bathrooms, free college tuition, exaggerated accusations of racial tensions. We watch in horror as 12-year-old Christian boys and precious Yazidi little girls are being brutally raped, tortured and publicly crucified while at the same time our American college students are refusing to play football because they were offended by someone’s words or actions. As Lauren Butler of the Black Student Union told the demonstrators at UC Berkley: “The students of UC Berkeley stand in solidarity with the black students at Mizzou who are being terrorized.”

Terrorized? You know, I think respect for these students would be through the roof if they were rallying to stop the crimes against humanity and genocides taking place around the world. If they were fighting for a cause to protect others and not themselves, it would be noteworthy.

Unfortunately, our focus is not on the real threats to our nation, but on fabricated causes that sometimes deny or ignore reality. It’s the equivalent of some of the Israeli soldiers trying to convince David to talk to the King about getting them a bigger rock to hide behind as he walked out to face the giant.

For a long time, the left has recognized something that the right seems to have forgotten. It’s something John Adams stated very clearly when he said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

So what do you do if you want to fundamentally transform a nation that was built on that Constitution? You attack the moral and religious fabric of its culture. The removal of prayer in our public schools has now evolved into blatant religious persecution of peace-loving Christian Americans today. From Obamacare’s mandates for birth control to fines and threats of imprisonment on small businesses, the “cause fabricators” are chipping away at our God-given rights and the very fabric of our peaceful, moral society while convincing thousands of young people that they are “making a difference for social justice and student’s rights.” It’s nothing more than fabricated causes used to accomplish an agenda.

During the Civil Rights era, the goals and objectives of that movement were clearly defined by its leaders. Even the means of accomplishing their goals were articulately expressed. It was a well-organized, peaceful movement, asking for reasonable, attainable goals based on established law and precedent. It was focused on securing the God-given freedoms of that generation as well as generations to follow. It was only touched by periods of chaos by outside factors, not from within the movement itself.

Yet, think about the past decade. What has been the stated goal for the most recent demonstrations or protests? How do we make sure that “Black Lives Matter?” How do we prove to the emotionally charged crowds that their goal to “matter” has been reached? There is no way to measure that demand because there is no definition to it.

What goals were reached by the “Occupy Wall Street” encampments in cities across the country? The mantra “Hands up, Don’t shoot,” chanted by so many rioters, has been proven to be a completely fabricated statement and yet it has been perpetuated by the movement leaders and the media because it serves their purpose.

When a cause is based on emotional reactions, makes irrational demands and results in destruction to others, that cause looks more like a tantrum.

In a self-centered or fabricated cause, the irrational demands will never be met because the “cause” is the most important entity that must be perpetuated; not the goals or demands. As we’ve seen in the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Ferguson, Missouri, riots, the Baltimore riots, the University of Missouri  demonstrations and the string of law enforcement murders across the country, as soon as the stated demands are met, new demands are fabricated. Nothing satisfies a selfish cause. Nothing.

The problems that today’s students consider “racially related” or even “rights related” are nowhere near the same level of problems and persecutions that the civil rights leaders faced. Yet the demonstrations today are always chaotic, destructive and disrespectful. It’s about the protestors and their emotional high, not the goals of their cause.

Chanting “It’s my right” or “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” does not help bring people together to accomplish anything. It is divisive. It is destructive. It splinters society and inspires no one.

The frenzied destruction of someone else’s property or livelihood accomplishes nothing for the good of society. Destroying someone else’s life does not make your cause worthy.

A true and worthy cause is always others-oriented. It is motivated by selfless sacrifice and a desire to protect and encourage others. A true cause is rational and constructive, not radical and destructive. A true cause asks for attainable goals not changeable demands.

Liberals have made a fine art out of rallying people against a perceived injustice, without articulating the specific goals of their cause. It’s an effective means to use the power and intimidation of the self-righteous masses to facilitate reactionary legislation filled with the liberal agenda.

> Keep in mind that the students causing destruction on college campuses, or demanding free college degrees are the same age as thousands of our military members who dare not give a sign of hostility toward a suspicious Muslim woman for fear of being held accountable and punished by this administration.
> Do we not see the huge double standard and the insanity of these fabricated causes?

> One of the miracles of America is the fact that the citizens are not without recourse. We have a legal, ethical, peaceful means of changing the laws that govern us. We have not been under the thumb of a bloodthirsty tyrant or maniacal monarch for over two centuries in America. Over ten generations of Americans have enjoyed the blessings of liberty, civility and self-government dominated by peaceful transitions of power and open public debate.

Thus, when a trend of violent demonstrations begins to develop in such a longstanding civil society, it begs the question, “Why?” Is the tension that fostered the violence something that is rooted in actual fact or is it a fabricated cause being used as a tool?

Whether they are tenured professors pushing their personal beliefs on a college classroom of eager, impressionable young minds, or Chicago gang leaders looking to take advantage of the next rash of civil disorder, societal agitators have a selfish motivation that has nothing to do with the cause they claim to champion. I suppose Saul Alinsky said it best: “The first step in community organization is community disorganization.”

So, how do you fabricate a cause? Create a crisis that sounds good and replace individual thought with a mob mentality. No attainable goals. No thought for the future or the good of others. Just an eternal list of demands and a rush of emotional adrenaline, followed by frenzied chaos in order to create the necessity of passing legislation that sounds good to the mob but achieves your true agenda.

It’s time to ask ourselves if we want to actually use the incredible means we’ve been given to regain control of our own government or if we want to continue to be used as mindless pawns by those who promise solutions but deliver only destruction and anarchy.

The America I know has never been a mindless mass; but as I write, our rugged independence is in the liberal cross-hairs.

So, I’m Just Sayin’: I’m with young David. Enough of hiding behind rocks. Is there not a cause?

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