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There’s a trail of blood leading from Paris to the White House, where a reluctant commander in chief sits biding his time as his term in office runs out. President Obama is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State and the deaths in Paris. He was warned and forewarned that if he pulled the troops out of Iraq, it would create a vacuum that would be filled by invaders. His excuse, instead of standing his ground, was that the Iraqi government didn’t want us there anymore.

Our president has gone above and beyond not to use the words “Muslim” and “extremists” in the same sentence, apparently because he thinks doing so would offend all Muslims. What about the extremists beheading our people and those of our allies? Is that not offensive, Mr. President?

On top of not wanting to unleash the dogs of war on the Islamic State and letting our military engage the enemy in Syria, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said recently that the 10,000 Syrian refugees Mr. Obama wants to bring to our country will be vetted and create no threat to us. How, pray tell, do you vet someone with no documents? And what if the Islamic State gets inventive and infects some of their die-hards with a deadly disease in order to infect those fleeing, and effectively making them weapons of mass destruction?

To add insult to injury, like a thief in the night Mr. Obama also recently released five Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United Arab Emirates. As it was with the false information put forth by the Obama administration regarding a video that caused the attack on our Benghazi embassy, Mr. Obama has once again crossed the line to mislead our people. If I didn’t know any better I would think he was trying to destroy our country.


Warrenville, S.C.

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