- - Thursday, November 26, 2015


The concept of ‘political correctness’ is not legitimate. Somehow the term has stuck, as evidenced by its usage in Gerald Walpin’s excellent piece (“The demise of academic freedom,” Web, Nov. 19). Unfortunately, it’s probably here to stay, though, because of common usage.

Expressions or actions that are arbitrarily regarded by liberals as unacceptable should be identified as such without a tacit acknowledgement that it is they who wield the proper authority to set our terms of discourse. For example, Mr. Walpin’s statement, “[The president of Yale University] thus provides a green light to the politically correct speech police to continue their destruction of academic freedom” would be much improved by deleting “politically correct” as a modifier of “speech police.”

We on the right should vigorously assail the liberty-suffocating efforts of the left without giving ground by using a threadbare term that implicates us as intellectually lazy and powerless against the tides of popular-cultural inertia.





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