- - Thursday, November 26, 2015


Having had President Obama in office for almost seven years, the American public should no longer be confused about who the real enemy is. During his reign in office — yes, reign is the correct description of his time in the White House — Mr. Obama has abandoned all the principles that have made this a great nation. Denigrating our democratic friends internationally while coddling the perpetrators of terror, he has destroyed the credibility of our nation and our stated mission.

With the Iran accord and the acquiescence to the aggressions of Russia, Mr. Obama has dispelled any thought that we as a country continue to support our allies and oppose our mortal enemies. While the Islamic State may hopefully prove to be only a short-term threat, Iran, North Korea and Russia are long-term threats to our security and the peace of the world. We should change direction and act accordingly.


Silver Spring



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