- - Friday, November 27, 2015

China is preparing to project power around the world. The communist dictatorship announced Thursday the establishment of its first offshore military outpost in the African nation of Djibouti. In addition, China directed a sweeping new reorganization of its military to streamline operations and prepare the armed forces for further power projection abroad.

According to the Chinese state news agency, Xinhau, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered the military to improve command and control but also to make sure command of the military remains under the leadership and ultimate control of the Communist Party, under one joint command. The military will be downsized by approximately 300,000 troops as administrative units are cut to focus on power projection and offshore combat power.

Xinhau reports on Xi’s comments to ensure the military’s “correct political direction” and stressing “the Communist Party of China has absolute leadership of the armed forces.”

Xi’s approach for China’s armed forces is a break with previous direction to keep China out of global conflicts and focus on inward growth. China is now seeking to expand its influence and military capability abroad. The logistics facility at Djibouti will act as a logistics facility to support Chinese naval vessels in the region. China has recently deployed naval vessels to the Gulf of Aden to combat piracy and has pulled Chinese nationals from other African locations.

The new Chinese command structure will emulate American military units and is a move away from the Soviet top-down style China has used for decades.



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