- - Wednesday, November 4, 2015


As Veterans Day approaches, many Americans are preparing to honor and show their appreciation for the veterans who have over the years fought for and assured our freedoms at great personal sacrifice and under much risk and hardship.

Honoring veterans is very appropriate, but we also owe a great apology to recent veterans and those servicemen and -women now in the military. We have enjoyed the wonderful country they have protected — and repaid their sacrifices by electing incompetent, unworthy government officials who are destroying our country from the inside. A list of these politicians isn’t needed; anyone who can’t see the damage beng done to our country must be brain-dead or willfully blind.

While many elected officials will praise veterans come Nov. 11, we have only to look at the Veterans Administration to know how our government really feels about our military personnel. Maybe in future elections we will use more intelligence when we vote.





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