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I have a couple of possible solutions for President Obama to consider regarding his dilemma about gun control and mentally deranged killers as well as what to do with the Syrian refugees.

First, as a retired, disabled law-enforcement officer, I know there are procedures that one has to follow in most departments in order to get hired. One of these is psychological testing. Likewise, I believe a simple psychological test could be implemented at the time of purchasing a weapon. If someone has a mental problem, said test could possibly detect it before the man or woman gets hands on a gun. This would also be a deterrent to those that are mentally unsound; they’ll know that they may be found out.

As for their the Second Amendment right to bear arms, I haven’t read anywhere that mentally deranged people have that right. Also, if by chance anyone challenges a failed test, they could get a written note from a doctor saying he or she is mentally fit to own a gun. At the very least, this would cause most mental cases to drop the issue.

Regarding the Syrian refugees, if President Obama was smart he would tell all of the ablebodied men of military age to whom he wants to give sanctuary that they will be put on a bus and sent directly to our military. They could be photographed, printed, vetted, taught English and trained before being sent right back to Syria to fight the enemies of our country. At least that would show their allegiance to our country and let them earn the right to become citizens. If they refuse and say they are not from Syria then deport them. We have enough freeloaders living off the taxpayer’s dime.


Warrenville, S.C.

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