- - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sadly, under the present U.S. administration, there is no possibility that Israel will receive American support against the reign of terror of the Palestinian Authority and its leaders.

While Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, may voice objections to the “quick” response of Israeli citizens and military personnel to their attempted murder by Palestinian and Israeli-Arab terrorists, there is no other option. When one is confronted by an individual intending to murder you and many times you are already suffering from inflicted wounds, certainly one is justified in killing the murderer, using any means at one’s disposal.

If Palestinian and Israeli-Arab mothers are intent on achieving martyrdom for their children rather than having them continue to live, then it is a choice that these mothers have made. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the overwhelming reaction of satisfaction in their children’s ‘martyrdom,’ this choice has been the one many have made.

The Arab media, schools, parents and leaders have encouraged terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. Those terrorists, who are killed by Israelis protecting their own lives, certainly do not deserve sympathy, but only condemnation from the Obama administration.


Silver Spring

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