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A chilling video featuring a hooded figure in a medieval-style mask is making the rounds on the Internet and has some people convinced the clip is a cryptic death threat to President Obama.

The creepy footage features a figure wearing an elongated plague doctor style mask and black robe who stands silently as eerie noises play in the background.

The video is filled with cryptic messages, including the GPS coordinates of the White House, skulls and a graphic image of a woman being tortured, according to decoders circulating the video on Internet message boards such as Reddit and 4Chan.

The film is making waves across the internet while viewers on social media scramble to decipher the hidden clues throughout the clip. Many are convinced that the chilling messages hidden in the film are a death threat to Mr. Obama or possibly the work of a terrorist.

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the title “01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101” — binary code for “muerte,” the Spanish word for death, Vocativ reported.

A description of the video, which was sent to a Swedish tech blog GadgetZZ in a DVD, also written in binary code reads “You have 1 year or less.”

The masked figure appears to use a hidden light in one hand to create a Morse code message that spells out REDLIPSLIKETENTH — a possible anagram for “Kill the president.”

The author of the GadgetZZ post claims to have received the DVD in the mail, but the video has been around since at least May 9, when it appeared on the “paranormal” board of 4Chan.

The user who posted the video on 4Chan said he found the disc on a park bench.

Other cryptographic clues are scattered through the 2-minute film, some only lasting for a single frame.

The audio track accompanying the footage at first seems to only be white noise, but online decoders say when the audio is represented visually, using sound editing tools like iMovie, it reveals even more clues.

One spectrogram — a visual representation of audio frequencies — reveals an image of a woman being tied up or tortured accompanied by the message “you are already dead.” Another shows an image of a skull.

Other symbols in the video are yet to be decoded, including the masked figure’s bizarre body movements.

Some are dismissing the video as a marketing campaign for a video game or movie and not a real threat. Spectrograms have been used in viral ads for games, films and music, and the video looks like it might have been made by an artist.

Users on Reddit have speculated that the video could be an ad for the SyFy channel series “12 Monkeys,” which has a character who wears a Black Plague Mask, or it could be associated with “Inferno,” the third film in the Da Vinci Code series. In the Dan Brown book that the film is based on, a character makes a similar video wearing similar outfit.

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