- - Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conservatives and true Americans must not be fooled by Hillary Clinton’s seemingly failing campaign. Make no mistake, the vast Clinton machine has its ‘woe-are-us’ routine and a miraculous campaign comeback planned out perfectly so as to test its most loyal inner circles long before the general-election dance.

Yet most Americans today have no idea how this complex game of voter and electoral-college manipulation works. Throughout primary, convention and national-election crunch times, Republican and tea party voters have repeatedly been fooled by Democrats into staying home, reading in their old-school media that “we’re ahead” and “you don’t need to vote” because ‘we Republicans have this election in the bag.’

Do not be fooled. Hillary will emerge from her Benghazi, email, Huma Abedin and other whopping Clintonesque scandals smelling like roses — all by design.

The true problem is that liberals, illegals, perverts and criminals vote like lemmings for Democrats, regardless of email scandals, dead Navy SEALs or Trump poll numbers. The slippery slope of never-ending Democratic-National-Committee inducements come election day is far better, greater and bigger than the Republican National Committee will ever be able to comprehend or counter relevantly, especially over the Internet.

Unless conservative and tea party leaders and voters remain steadfast and passionate, and continue digging beyond mere Hillary-email and Benghazi goose chases, ‘Slick Willy’ and family will waltz right back into the White House faster than you can say 50 million illegals just crossed the U.S. border and are being bused into battleground states to vote for Hillary as instructed, without any ID or knowledge of American news media or FBI investigations whatsoever.

Mark my words.


Charleston, S.C.

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