- - Sunday, September 13, 2015


Hillary Rodham Clinton and her wise men and clever women have only shreds and patches left of their original strategy for winning the Democratic nomination for president, so the only thing left for them to do is think up a strategy to cultivate such numbing boredom that it will induce such a stupor in the ranks that the party will accept her coronation if only to be done with it.

The quickening parade of new facts, of charge and countercharge, lies, denials, clarification, concession and admission of the obvious is wearing everyone down, including the lady herself. Even her most dedicated partisans have to be getting tired of it all.

Even the partisans of the media, who ditched their journalists’ skepticism (“if your mother says she loves you, check it out”) and hitched their wishes and dreams to the Obama star eight years ago, have fallen into the general confusion set in motion by the Hillary team. They miss the point of what has been going on.

The important point is that Hillary obviously set up her private, separate, nonofficial email server to hide something she didn’t want on the government email server that everybody else had to use. Her original claim that she did it to avoid having her emails on several handheld devices evaporates into a puff of fog, because there is photographic evidence that she used several such devices linked to her server.

She knew that official messages must move on official lines of communication for good reason. No one presumed smart enough to be the secretary of state can be that ignorant of 21st century technology. Hillary has never been a delicate flower, “little ol’ me,” who just can’t understand all those things that come so easily to big, strong men. She knew the rules and why they were rules, and why and how government servers can hide content in ways that private servers cannot. Government servers are designed to blind the hackers employed by the nation’s enemies. The expert she hired to set up her server knew that and lots of other things, too, which is why he won’t talk to government investigators unless he gets immunity from prosecution for whatever bad things he did for Hillary.

What did she want to hide? What did she fear her official correspondence would reveal that would further damage her reputation? She knew she was not strengthening security for the nation’s secrets by ignoring the government networks. The big media, for all its digging, have not put that question front and center.

Any message transmitted to the secretary of state, whatever its official security classification, is important just because it’s a message to and from the secretary of state. Surely someone in the vast bureaucracy of the State Department, or in her own personal entourage, would have recognized its importance.

The secretary of state is not the superintendent of the motor pool, as worthy as such a person is, but one of the most important officials of the U.S. government, with duties rife with enormous implications in domestic as well as foreign affairs. The secretary of state is the fourth in line for succession to the presidency, and that makes her correspondence all the more important. Every piece of information which reaches the secretary is presumed important.

With knowledge aforethought she took her official communications out of the purview of official examination. That alone is enough to seriously question her qualifications to be the president of the United States. How can she be taken seriously when she did not take herself, and her responsibility to her duties, seriously herself.



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