- - Monday, September 21, 2015


Seventy-plus years ago, the Nazis performed horrible experiments on newborn babies under the guise of ‘medical advancement.’ The entire world was revolted by the actions of these monsters and we held accountable the people responsible.

Today Planned Parenthood butchers live babies in the name medical science — yet the discussion is not about how this soulless organization will be held accountable. It is about whether we should fund ‘Planned Ghoulhood’ with taxpayer money.

What is the difference between the Nazis and those ‘pro-choicers’ on this issue? The Nazis used the butts of guns and worse to carry out their experiments. The radical ‘pro-choice’ contingent uses taxpayer money, spent purportedly in the name of ‘women’s heath.’

If live animals were being dissected for medical reasons, PETA would be up in arms. The Democrats and their media stooges would be demanding people go to jail. That really speaks volumes about these morally corrupt, heartless people, doesn’t it?


Westerly, R.I.



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