- - Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Hypocrisy abounds in the jailing of a city clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and is now sitting in jail (“Kentucky clerk appeals her jailing over gay marriage,” Web, Sept. 7). In 2012 openly gay Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker said she would not marry straight couples until same-sex marriage was legal. This judge caused problems in the court system, yet no one put her in jail.

The real problem is that our government was not set up for judges to create laws. It is the job of legislative branch of government to make laws. The legislative branch would have compromised; most likely it would have allowed same-sex marriage without stepping on the First Amendment, which says there should be no state religion and government should not interfere with religion.

Why were the Supreme Court justices who performed same-sex marriage before the court ruled in favor of it allowed to vote? They should have recused themselves. Those judges gave a black eye to our judicial system, which is expected to be impartial. I am sure other countries with “rubber-stamp” governments must be laughing at America for our so-called high standards. We are just as corrupt as those dictatorships.


Jersey City, N.J.



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