- - Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The Democratic presidential debates have become events during which Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders spend their time pointing fingers at each other (“Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders trade blows in contentious Democratic debate,” Web, April 14). Whether its the other’s personal qualifications or stances on various issues, these two candidates take every opportunity to put each other down. But debates during election season are meant to give voters a chance to hear what candidates have to say on policies that concern the public.

These events are crucial to candidates because they can mean an increase or decrease in supporters. At each debate, Sanders and Clinton have the opportunity to convince the public of what each of them believes is right for this country — and hope people agree with their stances on each topic. Instead, however, both Democrats have taken the time to argue in the first few minutes of every debate. This does not look professional or appropriate for either of them. In fact, it makes both candidates appear immature and far too incompetent to be running for the most important position in this country.

It is critical that Clinton and Sanders become serious about what they are conveying to the public. Debates need to focus on policies, not personal attacks.


San Jose, Calif.



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