- - Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This election season we have seen that the Republican and Democratic parties no longer provide the United States a valuable service, assuming they ever did. The Democrats have offered us the most dishonest, least trustworthy, most openly avaricious, most judgmentally challenged candidate for the presidency — possibly in the history of the United States. Yet they support her for no better reason than that she is a Democrat.

For unfathomable reasons the Democratic Party has also allowed an avowed socialist to campaign for the presidency under its banner. Again, many of the party’s leaders and the rank and file support him for no better reason than he is campaigning under the Democratic banner. But socialism is anathema to the government that was bequeathed to us by the men and women who fought and died so we would live in a nation where the words liberty and freedom have real meanings.

The Republican Party has offered us the least qualified, least knowledgeable, most dishonest, crudest and most egotistical candidate for the presidency, probably also in the history of this great nation. Yet many of the party’s leaders, elected and otherwise, and tens of millions of the rank and file support him for those very characteristics. The Republicans’ alternative candidates are yet more in a long list of people who offer no new ideas or visions for the future of America. Thus we have no rational reason to vote for them.

Both major parties have earned the label “un-American” because they have forgotten that the preservation of the Constitution and the republic is more important than winning a mere political election. History’s dustbin awaits them.


Special Forces, U.S. Army Reserves (retired)

Chino Hills, Calif.

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