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Two proudly Jewish conservative pundits, Charles Krauthammer and Mark Levin, as well as other Jewish #NeverTrump movement members, seem to be doing their best to dampen enthusiasm about and dissuade millions of conservatives from actively supporting Donald Trump. They focus their on-air and in-print tirades on trade or the ways in which Mr. Trump has expressed himself on any number of issues, but rarely do they discuss this election and its impact the security of the citizens of Israel. Perhaps they are confused about their prime directive in relation to their brothers and sisters across the pond.

In this election, on one side we have Hillary Clinton, a candidate who supported $140 billion being returned to a nation that has sworn to rid the world of Israel, not to mention Jewish people everywhere. She enabled the mullahs in Iran to have a path, purportedly delayed, to nuclear weapons. These are the same mullahs who host Holocaust-denying festivals. Reports indicate she has self-hating Jewish advisers, as well as pro-radical-Muslim and pro-Palestinian advisers.

She supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a party that was in the process of abrogating the peace treaty with Israel when it was deposed. She likely sold sophisticated weapons to resistance fighters in Syria who turned out to be Islamic radicals. And throughout her tenure as secretary of state, she filled her foundation’s accounts with billions of dollars from nations hostile to both Israel and the United States (countries with abysmal human rights records) in exchange for policies that allowed for weapons sales.

On the other side we have Mr. Trump, a candidate with strong pro-Israel advisers who have indicated that they will let Israel take the lead in determining its own path to peace.

In the Bible, when the tribes of Reuben and Gad chose not to cross the Jordan, Moses said it was permissible for these tribes to live outside of Israel as long as they actively supported their brothers and sisters in Israel. The same is true today. The physical safety of the Jews in the land of Israel is the prerequisite. Messrs. Krauthammer, Levin and others in the #NeverTrump movement seem to have forgotten that prime directive.



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