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2Ton Bridge

“2Ton Bridge” (rel. Sept. 2)

Monkee Room Music

2Ton Bridge is an act I’ve been watching since their EP “2Songs” came out last year, and with their self-titled debut set for a Labor Day Weekend release, Alexander Wright and his backup crew are coming into their own on this outlaw country disc for Monkee Room.

Mr. Wright et al. echo the strains of Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings on “Waterman Town,” with “Take Your Hands Off My Land” reminiscent of the work of other Western-influenced acts as Alectro. “I’m a Hoot Owl” deals in strange subject matter but tender melodies, opening wide on a sonic landscape of timbre and imagery. “Post Hole Digger” is about as perfect a song to drink a beer while driving a truck across the desert (please note, such activity is illegal, and we are certainly not advocating you do this — but if you were, this is the song to do it by!) as has ever been recorded. “Parchman Prison Clay” would make both Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan proud, while “The Beast” anthropormophizes the inner workings of a train in a way that is incredibly poetic, and then serves as a metaphor for the narrator’s personal demons. “Last Winter” is a surprisingly solemn meditation on choices made and not made. Album-closer “I Will Do My Last Singing” is the only track that is a bit of a clunker, as Mr. Wright performs solely with acoustic guitar on a minute-long dirge with somewhat spotty vocals.

However, this is a fine disc, and shows off Mr. Wright’s ample talents and songwriting mastery. Hopefully when he and his band hit the road, they will find acolytes wherever they trod.

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