- - Sunday, August 21, 2016

Maybe Donald Trump can pull this election out despite the fact that at times it seems so out of control and hopeless. There is no arguing the fact that Trump has a full complement of fierce enemies, including the Hillary Clinton campaign, the media, the #nevertrump followers and some organizations that should recognize we will be voting for the Supreme Court this election, but either had their feelings hurt by Trump or can’t see the big picture.

Trump is approaching the country’s problems logically and is being straightforward in presenting his ideas. He is not altering his solutions because of obligations to donors or issue groups. He is truthful when he says that he will have to grow the debt to shore up the military and get the work on infrastructure started, but mentions that now is the time to do it due to historically low interest rates. He’s right. He will issue long-term debt to pay for some of these things and will refinance our expiring short- and long-term debt with these low rates for as long a term as he can get. Smart! The carrying cost (interest) on our debt is the short-term threat to our economy. Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin did the same thing during Clinton’s terms.

Once the economy starts to turn around and the cuts to government overhead are included in the mix, things will come together and our economy will be stronger as a result. If Trump can stick to presenting his sensible ideas to fix the multiple social, national, international and economic problems we are facing, the people will respond favorably and he could win the election.

In the meantime, the onslaught from the media and so many others will continue. Hopefully the voters will recognize and see through the self-serving rhetoric in these attacks coming from the establishment and those who enjoy the status quo.

It will all come down to how successful Trump is in getting his message out. He must overcome the dishonest mainstream media, whose actions are an absolute disgrace to the First Amendment and free speech.



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