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A look at some toys and games sure to please older fans of Cartoon Networks’ Adult swim hit show “Rick and Morty.”

Pop! Animation Rick Sanchez (Funko, ages 17 and older, $10.99) Funko’s vinyl figures are the rage in many an office cubicle these days offering a wide range of roughly 4-inch tall, wide-eyed representations of stars from a ludicrous variety of franchises such as “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” “Star Wars” and even The Golden Girl.”

So why not salute Adult Swim’s most famous pair of intergalactic explorers?

Specifically, the beloved vinyl version of Rick has him in a lab coat, standing almost 5-inch tall (to the tip of a strand of his grey hair), carrying a flask of hooch and sporting a pinch of bile oozing out of his potty-mouthed lips. Owners can twist his head for an extra pose, and that’s it.

Fans will also need to add his perpetually traumatized grandson Morty Smith ($10.99) to complete the set. The youngster looks befuddled, as usual, wearing jeans and a T-shirt while carrying a mega tree seed (highlighted way back in the first episode of the show) in each opened hand.

Mr. Meeseeks’ Box O’ Fun (Cryptozoic Entertainment, $40, ages 18 and older, $10.99) This naughty dice game riffs off of the age old challenge of “truth or dare” and Yahtzee while sucking players into the complex cartoon world of “Rick and Morty.”

First worth noting, the game is based on the season one episode “Meeseeks and Destroy,” about a box-shaped gadget that can summon a blue creature called a Meeseek to help an owner with almost any task desired. Once the task is completed, the creature disappears.

The game action involves up to six players competing to collect the correct amount of victory points by matching die objectives listed on a request card tied to rolling five dice per turn. Players can also get help from drawing a Mr. Meeseeks card that might allow extra rolls, for example, to complete a request such as acquiring four sixes.

If the player does not complete the request card on that turn, he must draw a dare card, and that’s when things get fun.

For example, a dare might require getting on all fours and barking like a dog for 30 seconds (an hourglass sand timer is included in the box) or “take off your shoes and roll the dice with your feet until you roll a six.” Complete the dare to earn a victory point.

By the way, those are a few of the extremely mild dares. They can get much raunchier.

The cards features color illustrations of characters, mainly Rick, Morty and Meeseeks, but I would have liked much more variety of the artwork incorporating more creatures and thicker card stock.

However, here’s a bigger treat for fans of the show. Tap the buzzer shaped device on the top of the box to hear such phrases from the blue creatures as “I’m Mr. Meeseeks look at me” vocalized in various states of duress or “I can’t take it anymore, I just want to die.”

Oddly, it has nothing to do with the game mechanics but it’s still funny stuff.

Overall, Rick and Morty devotees will appreciate the Box ‘O Fun and even normal humans with lowered inhibitions will find it a “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” good time, as Rick might emote.

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