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Radio host Mark Levin took to the airwaves on Tuesday night to rebut a rant by Fox News’ Sean Hannity against the “Never Trump” movement.

Millions of listeners who tuned in for “The Mark Levin” heard the host rhetorically hammer Mr. Hannity’s assertion that “the Jonah Goldberg class” will be to blame if Hillary Clinton is elected the next U.S. president. Mr. Levin was careful not to mention the Fox News star by name, but left no doubt who he was talking about.

” ‘If only the #NeverTrumpers, if only Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck and this one and that one, if only they’d get behind Trump, then we’d be winning! Then we’d win big time! Oh yes!’ No we wouldn’t,” said Mr. Levin, Mediaite reported Tuesday. “As popular as many of those men and women are, they’re not going to sway anybody one way or another. This is a presidential election. People make up their own minds. […] You’re going to vote your conscience. That’s a statement of fact. […] Maybe Trump will win. Maybe Hillary will be stopped — but we nominated the wrong person.”

Mr. Hannity has been a regular attacker of the “Never Trump” movement since its inception. On Tuesday, he specifically went after Mr. Goldberg and other “radio talk show hosts” for not supporting Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Well, let me just say to all of you. And that includes the commentator class. That includes the Jonah Goldberg class, that includes radio talk show hosts. Glenn Beck is like on a — it’s a holy war for him at this point,” Mr. Hannity said on his radio show, Hot Air reported. “I mean, he’s off the rails attacking me every day. Blaming me for Trump. Well, no. I was fair to everybody, Glenn.”

“So here’s what I say to all of you Never Trumpers — Glenn Beck, I hope you’re listening. You own Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court appointments. You own it! You are doing everything you can do to cast doubt in people’s minds! Trump gave us a list. You own her Supreme Court nominees, you own her un-vetted refugees and the 550 percent increase she will bring into this country. You own the jobs that illegal immigrants will take from the 95 million Americans out of the labor force. You own Obamacare, which is a disaster for this country. You own education, because she is beholden to the NEA. And if we don’t improve the lives of 95 million Americans out of the labor force, I blame you for that too!”

Hot Air’s Allah Pundit went on to ask how “Never Trump” would be responsible for a loss when the Republican presidential nominee is “getting swamped organizationally.”

“Per PBS, Hillary has 36 different offices in Pennsylvania attending to those tasks right now (plus a sophisticated data operation to identify them). Trump has … two,” the writer said. “The two states with the greatest number of Trump field offices at the moment are Wisconsin and Virginia, neither one of which is close in the polls.”

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