- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 4, 2016

The U.S. Navy’s oft-maligned blue-and-gray camouflage will have been chucked overboard when the naval service marks its 241st birthday this October, the Navy Times reported Thursday, dubbing it the “dumbest uniform ever” in its headline.

“They failed to reduce the number of uniforms sailors must maintain. Their threads put sailors at risk for worsening burn injuries by melting. And sailors said they were uncomfortable and that the only camouflage they offered was when someone fell overboard,” the Navy Times explained, rattling off complaints made countless times by sailors in the past decade.

Wear of the Navy Working Uniform Type 1 “blueberries” will be phased out over three years, but aquaflage uniforms will no longer be issued as of Oct. 1, the Navy Times explained. Instead, “the digital woodland pattern cammies, or NWU Type III, will become the standard shore duty uniform across the service.”

According to the Navy Times, “around $10 million a year in organizational clothing costs” will be saved by deep-sixing the inky-blue NWUs.



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