- - Thursday, December 1, 2016


Monica Crowley does a fine job of noting how President Obama went about his promised “fundamental transformation of the nation” (“The party of Obama and its bitter reckoning,” Web, Nov. 30). She documents Mr. Obama’s control of the presidency and Congress in 2008, and the pitting of Americans against each other. But there is one other aspect of the “left-wing joyride” that should be discussed: the left’s control of the media, which gave Mr. Obama cover during this time and failed to keep Americans in the know.

Had the media covered the Obama administration as doggedly as it covered the administrations of Ronald Reagan and both Bushes, the joyride probably would have ended much sooner. After all, those who control the information control the power.

I somehow doubt the Trump administration will get the same pass Mr. Obama got from the mainstream media.


Bowie, Md.



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