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According to a recent Washington Post article, the Russian government interfered with the U.S. presidential election by exposing the ways that the Clinton campaign sought to undermine it. Per the Post narrative, the CIA has concluded based on inference and innuendo but no hard evidence that the Russian government hacked emails of the Democratic National Committee and others, and obtained information about the many misdeeds of the Clinton campaign. Then it gave that information to Julian Assange, who disclosed it.

Mr. Assange has denied that Russia was his source, but he has strongly suggested that the leaks may have come from Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich, whose July murder on a Washington street remains unsolved — and largely ignored by the mainstream media.

It is noteworthy that the Post, the Obama administration and the members of Congress raising the unsubstantiated question of Russian interference totally ignore the exposure of the Clinton campaign’s near-criminal and criminal acts to interfere with the election process. The Clinton campaign obtained and provided debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to those contests, allowing Mrs. Clinton to give scripted answers. Also, in collusion with the mass media, the campaign provided Mrs. Clinton with interview questions prior to television interviews, again allowing her to give scripted answers. The campaign planted people in Mrs. Clinton’s town hall meetings and rallies for this same purpose, and it sent operatives to disrupt Donald Trump rallies, and harass, intimidate and injure Trump supporters there, as well as mar and destroy public and private property in the environs.

And let us not forget that George Soros provided voting machines that attempted to record votes cast for Mr. Trump as having been cast for Mrs. Clinton.

The Washington Post is questioning the election results without acknowledging the exposed Clinton campaign’s numerous attempts to sabotage the election.


Silver Spring

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