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Many Americans have been shocked and dismayed by the lawless behavior of students on several campuses protesting the Donald Trump election. What is going on?

There are two keys to understanding these demonstrations: First, these student protests are flourishing in an environment fostered by the faculties at these institutions; and second, the faculty preaches dogmas which mark a generational shift in values. The fundamental analysis therefore must begin with the faculty. Student behavior is primarily an acting out of faculty indoctrination. Administrators, while generally sympathetic to the students, are caught between angry students and their Boards and other supporters demanding a stop to these outrageous demonstrations.

So, what are today’s professors teaching and why? They are teaching an ideology which can be loosely identified as the New American Left. The New American Left was born in the summer of 1968. That summer had seen the coalescence of the three most prevalent cause of the day come together. The causes were the anti-Vietnam War movement, the Civil Rights movement, and the Great Society legislation which passed almost unnoticed while the nation was distracted by the other causes.

The New Left picked up strands from each of these movements. From the Civil Rights movement, the belief that the first requirement of social justice is equality for all Americans — legal, social, economic and moral. The anti-war movement added the belief that all war is immoral and can be justified only in extreme cases. Also many of the practices and standards of the so-called “hippy” culture — sexual freedom, opposition to drug laws, disdain for the traditional institutions of marriage, religion, government, and “corporations” — were included in various degrees by the New Left. Politically, the movement inherited the belief that social justice was a primary responsibility of the federal government from the Great Society, which was influenced to some extent by the Civil Rights movement.

Many of those hippies and disillusioned youngsters went to graduate school and became the professors of the next generation. The New Left ideology began to penetrate American society the older and more powerful yesterday’s hippies became. In the protected enclaves of the universities and the media, their orthodoxy became more extreme and more absolute. It also benefited through the years from the tacit approval of many of casual supporters who grew up to positions of power in other fields and who allowed their children to be taught this new orthodoxy. As the years passed, more and more of these children were persuaded by this new view of American society.

In 2008, 40 years after the fateful summer of 1968, they finally won their long battle for control of the American government. They elected Barack Hussein Obama as president and a Democrat Congress to back him up. It took the Great Recession to do it. But the New Left, spawned by the crises of 1968 and hardened by 40 years in the wilderness, now finally controlled the federal government of the United States of America.

The dedication to this ideology on the part of its true believers cannot be overestimated. It is based on a series of high moral convictions: 

  • the absolute equality of ALL human beings, no matter their age, race, gender, physical capacities, religion or social position (a central tenet of this dogma is the existence of a universal racism in the America); 
  • the absolute obligation to oppose All limitations on human behavior whether religious, civil law, or cultural prejudice which do not do physical harm to another; · to protect and foster government control of all institutions (unless government is wrong, of course!); 
  • to pursue the ideal of a peaceful world even in the face of violent opposition and conflict, believing that all people really yearn for peace above all.

These moral goals motivate the feeling of superiority which is characteristic of the New Left, as is the ferocity with which they attack their opponents. In the most dedicated adherents of the New Left, there is a religious fervor not unlike that which motivates the radical Islamists. Those who disagree must be defeated at any cost, even at the cost of their destruction. The New Left are not as violent as the Islamic extremists, but there are similarities, especially the riots and police killings.

The reason for the extreme reaction of the New Left to the election of Donald Trump is that they were convinced they had finally won their generational battle with the silent majority. They were so intoxicated by the victories of President Obama — especially after he defeated businessman Mitt Romney in 2012 — that LOSING was unthinkable! They were confident that they now controlled the future of America.

The New Left values dominated, they believed, the new American culture, never again to be denied. The Democratic Party, one of only two major political parties in the United States, had become the vessel of the New Left, and was considered by all the New Left press and pundits to be firmly enthroned as the majority party for the foreseeable future. Their agenda had already skipped over the 2016 election and concentrated on what their next priority, climate change, meant to the world.

Then the deplorable Mr. Trump won the presidency! His Republicans won both Houses of Congress, and most of the governorships and state legislatures! The man who has threatened to undue most of what Obama did was now in the position to do it!

How could this happen? The New Left had allowed the Old Left to control the Democratic nomination until it was too late. Throughout the campaign that followed, they were continually referred to as “the status quo”, and most gallingly as “the establishment”! That critical mistake opened the door to the silent majority – who finally spoke.

Does it mean, they asked, that we are now destined to return to the shadows, that we never really won the hearts and minds of the American people? That America is condemned to live forever in free market capitalism, restricted immigration, a monetary economy, a war-like world? Must we now accept the possibility that all our beliefs about the society and the nature of human beings have been false?

In New Left enclaves such as the universities, the federal government, the big cities, and the media, the outcome of the election just cannot be accepted without a fight. “Send out the students, the activists, the camp followers – TV will cover. Somewhere someone will figure out a way to destroy the opposition, reverse the election, and return the nation to sanity.”

This is what we are up against in the universities and in American society. The only way to regain control of the hearts and minds of our youth is to withdraw support for the teachers who proselytize the doctrines of the New Left in our schools. This begins with local school boards, with student-centered financing of education, with sharpened protections of free speech on our campuses, especially publically funded institutions, and by protection of students who are in effect whistle-blowers on extremist teachers and professors.

All such activities must be conducted with a careful view toward protecting the freedom of speech even of the extremists. That can only be done with a liberal use of freedom of choices by individual students (e.g. careful selection of schools and colleges and scrutiny of required courses) and of parents (school choice). Persecution of violators, however defined, would simply desecrate the mandates in the American Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech and assembly. So, all witch hunts must be avoided. We can only fight excesses of freedom by providing more options of freedom, starting perhaps by freeing education from government control.

But fight it we must — or we will lose another generation of young Americans!

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