- - Thursday, December 15, 2016

United Kingdom-based Conflict Armament Research (CAR) concluded the Islamic State has developed a highly sophisticated and massive ammunition production capability that is fed from a constant stream of chemical supplies from Turkey. The amount of mortars and rockets produced numbers in the tens of thousands.

“While previous CAR reports used the term ‘improvised weapon production,’ the phrase does not reflect the scale and sophistication of manufacturing encountered by CAR in Mosul,” the report said. “The degree of organization, quality control, and inventory management, indicates a complex, centrally controlled industrial production system,” reports The Washington Post.

“These findings indicate the mass diversion of chemical precursors and a robust supply chain extending from Turkey, through Syria, to Mosul…Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control” (COSQC) distribute blueprints to its various production facilities to ensure uniformity among parts and final products. Through its research, CAR has found that Islamic State-built weaponry recovered from the battlefield “conforms to these standards—usually to the tenth of a millimeter.”



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