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NEW YORK — Bill Clinton is a lot of things, but out-of-touch elitist snob has never been one of them. Until now.

President-elect Donald Trump has so thoroughly turned the political world upside down and inside out that he has now entirely defanged the most potent and effective operative dominating the American political scene for nearly 30 years.

For all the trouble Bubba has always gotten himself into, his shrewd and incisive political instincts never dulled. Actually, it was probably because of how much trouble he got himself into that those instincts always remained so sharp.

Bill Clinton’s innate understanding of politics and the mood of the American people was key to his survival. It was the lifeboat in which he escaped every scandal and calamity he ever got himself into.

Always one step ahead of the sheriff, he was. And that is why all of his most ardent pursuers always wound up destroying themselves before they could get him.

And, in the end, it was almost impossible not to admire the lovable scamp.

Until now. Here, in this land of Trump, during this year of Trump, under this reign of Trump.

Finally, Bubba has been undone.

The great political Samson has finally met his Delilah. Bubba is shaved clean now, muttering and stumbling and bumbling helplessly in the corner.

Donald Trump won the election, Mr. Clinton seethed bitterly, because Mr. Trump knew “how to get angry white men to vote for him.”

Not exactly a “Sister Souljah moment” for the old man.

Then he rattled on about how the Russians and the FBI and the Electoral College all conspired to beat his wife, even though she “won by 2.8 million votes.”

So said the guy who, despite all of his political genius, could never win an election with support from a majority of Americans.

As he said this, The New York Times described his facial expression as a “determined smile belying his fury.”

Wow. Talk about angry white men!

Or, perhaps, this was just his way of telling his wife that he, in fact, voted for Donald Trump, too. I mean, he sabotaged her last campaign in South Carolina, so why not this one?

“James Comey lost her the election,” Mr. Clinton droned on to a reporter from a weekly newspaper he ran into at a local bookstore. Poor guy was just trying to buy a used book.

Mr. Clinton even went so far as to do the unthinkable for a political genius and attack actual voters for being stupid.

“You would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on,” Mr. Clinton said of the supposed Russian conspiracy to tilt the election against his wife.

As for Mr. Trump, Mr. Clinton said he “doesn’t know much” — another snobby put-down the Angry Left loves to use.

For 25 years, Bill Clinton dominated his party because he was not one of those snobs. Now he is. Someone should put him to bed.

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